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Brand Strategy

How brands will make money in the next phase of DTC

Brand Strategy

How Peloton is disrupting athletic wear

Neutral colors, technical fabrics, and matching two-piece sets — the athleisure formula


Will Apple finally buy Peloton?

Source: Attest


Will their strategy hit the right note this time?


The art of creating an enduring luxury brand.

Source: Ads of the World

Source: Brandless

An outsider’s perspective

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Glossier packaging, with pink bubble wrap pouch intact. Source: Hillsdale Collegian, Isabella Redjai

1) Show unfinished work

Michelle Wiles

Marketer. Writing about startups, media, and anything related to brands. Former @McKinsey @Ogilvy @ProcterGamble. Co-founder @OceanBottle.

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