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How Peloton is disrupting athletic wear

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Neutral colors, technical fabrics, and matching two-piece sets — the athleisure formula

Look around the athleisure industry, and you’ll notice a similar aesthetic. Stretchy. Monotone. Minimalist. Sometimes there’s a bit of flair thrown in — a pattern here, a strip of see-thru paneling there. But despite leading growth in the fashion industry, athleisure leaders like Lululemon and Gymshark evoke a similar future of matching sets and evermore technical fabrics.

Now, consider Peloton’s clothing. Peloton athleticwear stands out with bursts of neon and leopard print. Instructor Ally Love typically layers two sports bras in different colors, while head instructor Robin Arzón is known to rock army print and multi-colored ribbons through her braids…

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Will Apple finally buy Peloton?

Last September, CNBC analyst Jim Cramer referred to Peloton’s upcoming IPO as, “the kind of thing that will be exciting for today, tomorrow. And then I think we’re going to look back and say, ‘What were we thinking?

Flash forward to July 2020, Peloton’s stock has more than doubled since its IPO and the company has shifted from a luxury bike producer to an exercise lifeline bought by Americans earning $75,000 or less. …

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Will their strategy hit the right note this time?

Brandless, the SoftBank-backed consumer goods company with a uniform $3 price point, shut down its operations in February.

Why couldn’t they make a profit? Confusion over their strategy.

Brandless attempted to create a brand of high quality, affordable products by eliminating the marketing costs of typical CPG companies. However, they failed to offer products at a consistent quality (hurting trust), while their uniform $3 price point was not cheap for many items (hurting value), and they confusingly spent heavily on marketing — which eroded their margins.

This time, Brandless appears to be ready to execute a more focused strategy. According…


The art of creating an enduring luxury brand.

In May 2020, Ferrari became more valuable than General Motors. This is despite the fact that Ferrari produces fewer than 10,000 cars per year, in contrast to the nearly 7 million produced by General Motors.

Clearly, each Ferrari is very, very profitable. But the secret to this profitability is a counter-intuitive marketing strategy: Ferrari makes it very difficult to buy its products.

In order to purchase a limited-edition Ferrari, you must undergo a rigorous character assessment and have a history of owning other less expensive Ferraris. Even to buy an entry model, would-be customers are told to first buy a…

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Source: Ads of the World

After hotels and restaurants, advertisers are one of the hardest hit businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Closed businesses are no longer advertising, while others have severely dropped budgets. Google and Facebook are estimated to lose about ~$44 billion in ad revenue as companies pull marketing budgets, according to Cowen & Co. analyst estimates.

And yet, for brands, there may not be a better time than now to develop a new campaign. Historical data shows that those who market during a downturn emerge with stronger shares. To this I say, duh. …

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Source: Brandless

An outsider’s perspective

Brandless, a DTC consumer goods company designed to provide groceries and essentials, minus the cost of marketing, ended its operations last week after failing to become profitable. The company was known for its a unique pricing model, where every item cost a uniform price of $3, as well as its clean product packaging.

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Photo by Simon Ray on Unsplash

It’s a Saturday evening and my apartment is filled with bouts of laughter, shouting, and moments of concentration. Deep concentration.

It’s board game night, something that’s become a bit of a regular weekend ritual with my friends. And we’re not alone. Global market research firm Euromonitor reveals that board games are growing at their fastest rate since 2002. They’re not just for lounging around at home anymore, either. 2016 saw over 5000 board game cafes opened in in the US alone. That’s more than the total number of American Walmarts!

Looking ahead, the industry is expected to grow anywhere from…

Today when I went into the bathroom at work, I spotted a pink, bubble wrap makeup pouch on the counter. My mind jumped immediately to the creator of this bubble wrapper pouch, cosmetics unicorn Glossier. I wondered which Glossier products my coworker uses, and if I should give them a try.

This isn’t the first time I have seen the pink bubble wrapper bag be reused. And everytime I see it, it is a public endorsement for the product, which has to be worth more than an Instagram ad.

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Glossier packaging, with pink bubble wrap pouch intact. Source: Hillsdale Collegian, Isabella Redjai

Lululemon is probably the best example to give away something useful…

Management consulting is a job associated with slick Powerpoint presentations and complex Excel models. You *do* generally need to know how to use those programs as a consultant. However, after five weeks on the job, I am learning that being an effective consultant has less to do with memorizing Microsoft shortcuts, and more to do with working well in a small, fast paced team.

Here are my five takeaways for how to hit the ground running as a new consultant.

1) Show unfinished work

Imagine this: you’re given an assignment that will take until the end of day to do. Do you plan your…

There’s no shortage of business headlines around the ‘retail apocalypse’ — stores such as Toys R Us, Victoria’s Secret, and Forever 21 closing doors at the hands of Amazon and other innovative eCommerce businesses.

Real estate data confirms there is a slowdown in demand for retail space — with falling rents in both London and New York. Yet, in the face of all this gloom is opportunity for new concepts to take root.

The Future of Retail

The ‘Future of Retail’ is a topic just as popular as the retail apocalypse. Every year, every consulting firm releases new reports defining how retailers can innovate…

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